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Saturday, 08 June, 2013



Food and Agro based Industries

Gifted with suitable agro-climatic conditions, Manipur is home to various food and cash crops, fruits and vegetables. The soil is fertile and suited more particularly in the hills for growing of different fruits and vegetables. Organic farming is the most sought-after practice in the hill areas. Pineapple, passion fruit and mushroom naturally grow. They are also commercially cultivated. Bamboo shoot, ginger and turmeric are available in plenty. The State Government has given special impetus to farming for pineapple, passion fruit, mushroom, etc. on a massive scale. Many agri-horticultural crops of the State, when processed, have promise of export. On this count, various preparations of pineapple, passion fruit, bamboo shoot, mushroom and ginger have attracted wide markets outside the State. Processing for extracts of spices, medicinal and herbal plants is another area of focus for agro-based industry. 

Some Investment Opportunities on Agro-Food Processing Industries

  • Tetra Pack Packaging Unit at Food Park, Nilakuthi.

  • Agri-export Zone for Passion Fruit in Manipur

  • Fruits Juice Concentration Plant

  • Processing of Bamboo Shoot Plant

  • Production of Oleoresins and Spice Oil Plant

  • Integrated Mushroom Production & Processing Plant



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