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Saturday, 08 June, 2013


Inter Regional Linkage

While Imphal valley region can be understood as an area of intense economic activities, the Manipur hill area, on the other hand can be seen as an area of low level of economic development yet having much prospects. 

Notwithstanding diversities in the physical and economic factors above, a great deal of interdependence exists between the two, which makes them a well-knit fabric of interactions. The Manipur hill area has rich reserve of natural resources which is exploited in the central valley for economic and industrial development. In the central valley, where there is no forest wealth, there are number of industries based on forest resources. This region, therefore, depends entirely on the hill region for the supply of firewood, timber and other forest products. The shifting cultivation practised in the hills leads to deforestation and soil erosion in the hills and silting of the rivers and lake beds causing floods in the plain. Ecologically also, therefore, the two regions form inseparable part of the total system.



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