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Saturday, 08 June, 2013




Handicrafts of Manipur have a unique place among the various crafts of the country due to having its own aesthetic and artistic value. Although handicrafts industry started originally as traditional part time activities in rural areas without any significant market demand over the years, it has been transformed into a flourishing industry. Current trends of handicrafts product is not only restricted to aesthetic or artistic value but incorporation of design and new ideas make these products into daily utility items broadening the marketability as well as scope of handicrafts products.

Manipur has the highest handicrafts units as well as highest number of craftsperson comprising of skilled and semi-skilled artisan in the entire north eastern region. The existing resource pool in terms of skilled and semi-skilled craftsperson provide enough scope for further expansion and investment primarily into product innovation & designing, value addition, and production technique.

Major Crafts having potential for investment

Cane and Bamboo Crafts

Among the crafts, cane and bamboo craft is most wide-spread throughout the State because of availability of abundant raw materials and demands from both domestic as well as International buyers. Bamboo production of Manipur is above 1 million ton per annum. There are a number of trained entrepreneurs and artisans in the trade. The number of artisans engaged in cane and bamboo craft is around 1.50 lakh. In view of these potentials, there is ample scope for investment to set up more cane and bamboo enterprises in the State.


Kauna Crafts

Kauna (Scripus lecustris) craft has the potential for large scale plantation, production and marketing. Kauna products have both domestic and export market demands. Cities like New Delhi and Mumbai and foreign countries, like, UK, Netherlands, Germany, France, UAE and Switzerland are major buyers. There are also demands from the Latin American Countries. The surging demands surpass the current production of kauna in the State. There is thus a huge scope for investment for kauna plantation, production and marketing in the State. Kauna being environmental friendly and of very short lifecycle for plantation, represent an alternative source for all the handicrafts utility as well as artistic products. Incorporation of latest trends in ideas and fashion statement and designing and production techniques make these, all the more alluring for future expansion and major investment.



Potteries of Manipur acclaimed unique distinction as they are produced by coiled technique. They are concentrated in valleys and hills alike. However to name a few major production centres are concentrated at Nungbi, Andro, Chairen, Thongjao, Nongpok Sekmai and Oinam. Most of potteries are different in type and style as they have different socio-cultural significance.


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